Fantasy Chinese Cuisine We are open 6 days a week! 每周 6 天開門營業 訂座 Reservations : 405-596-5016 外賣 Carry Out : 405-701-8098
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Fantasy Chinese Cuisine                                                We are open 6 days a week!                                       每周 6 天開門營業                                                                                                                                                       訂座 Reservations : 405-596-5016                                                                   外賣 Carry Out : 405-701-8098                                                       

Welcome to Fantasy BBQ LLC !

           公司推動業務長期持續發展及增長為目標,一直致力強化本業,並按審慎投資策略穩步加強固定收入基礎。多元化業務涵蓋公寓物業發展、套房出租業務、物業及建築專案管理、更新設備服務相關之基設和管理。        穩健的借貸水準,使其建立堅穩的財務實力,同時獲得較好的長期信貸評級,有利進一步加強財務靈活性,加強危機意識及敏銳的市場觸覺,持續嚴控成本、提升餐飲品質和效率,增強競爭力。隨時掌握投資機遇,為股東爭取最大利益。拓展業務聯絡電話:405-596-5016

Fantasy Chinese Cuisine is well known across Norman for its excellent selection of fine wines. Whether it's a power-lunch for ten or a wedding party of 100, Fantasy Chinese Cuisine offers the perfect, intimate space for you. 

Carry out:          405-701-8098       外賣        Reservation:    405-596-5016       預約

Restaurant Order : 外買訂餐電話

T: 405-701-8098  (Carry out)

Business Reservation Contact :                    餐館業務聯絡電話:

T: 405-596-5016


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Address:                 餐館地址:

320. 12Th Ave S.E. Suite #110.

Norman, OK 73071.



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Fantasy Chinese Cuisine
Fantasy Chinese Cuisine

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