Fantasy Chinese Cuisine We’re open Nov/22/18 Thanksgiving Day ! But Closed on Black Friday. * Full roast 15 pounds turkey, order & next day come pick up! Only $50 Reservations T: 405-596-5016 * 感恩節15磅全烤大火雞, 馬上下單,隔日可取.僅需 $50 蚊 名廚主理---美國特色
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Fantasy Chinese Cuisine                  We’re open Nov/22/18 Thanksgiving Day !                               But Closed on Black Friday.                                                            * Full roast 15 pounds turkey,               order & next day come pick up! Only $50                                              Reservations T: 405-596-5016                          * 感恩節15磅全烤大火雞,                          馬上下單,隔日可取.僅需 $50 蚊                                      名廚主理---美國特色                           

Business Hours     飯特香    營業時間                  感 恩 節 照常營業       黑 五 休息一天                                     每天: 11:00 am---9:30 pm                                                   *Reservation : 405-596-5016                                      *Order carry out: 405-701-8098                                                                                                                                         We are open 7 days a week ,We are open July 4th.      敬愛的顧客:飯特香7天開門營業,提供正常服務 。                                                                                          WWW.FANTASYOK.COM                                                飯特香餐饮有限公司U.S.A.                                                               

Carry out:          405-701-8098       外賣        Reservation:    405-596-5016       預約

Restaurant Order : 外買訂餐電話

T: 405-701-8098  (Carry out)

Business Reservation Contact :                    餐館業務聯絡電話:

T: 405-596-5016


Or use our contact form.


Address:                 餐館地址:

320. 12Th Ave S.E. Suite #110.

Norman, OK 73071.



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Fantasy Chinese Cuisine
Fantasy Chinese Cuisine

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